ITICA - Irish Traditional Italian Chipper Association, Fish and Chip Day

ITICA announces the 7th National Fish & Chips Day


The Irish Traditional Italian Chippers Association (ITICA) has announced that the 7th annual ITICA National Fish & Chips Day will take place on 25th May this year.

All ITICA members throughout Ireland will offer their customers half-price fish and chips to celebrate the 130-year-old tradition.

“We look forward to ITICA National Fish & Chips Day every year,” said Peter Borza, chairman, ITICA.

“It is a hectic but fun-filled day that gives us the opportunity to celebrate over 130 years of the ‘one and one’ and most importantly to thank our local communities for their ongoing support.

“We established ITICA back in January 2010 to highlight the heritage behind the Irish Italian chippers in Ireland, and emphasise what makes our family run chippers unique. The response each ITICA National Fish & Chips Day over the past number of years has been amazing and we hope that everyone will join in again this year.”

Currently with over 200 members around the country, ITICA was created to promote and build on the traditional values and ethos of the Irish Italian chipper community. All ITICA member chippers carry the official ITICA logo, which assures customers of the highest levels of quality and service.

The Irish Italian chipper culture was started by members of the Irish Italian community who arrived in Ireland in the 1880s from a group of small villages in Val Di Comino in southern Italy. 

ITICA announces the 7th National Fish & Chips Day